Ka huna body and soul facial
Let your mind float away with this beautiful signature treatment.  This is a unique treatment that we have designed so you
can experience a taste of Polynesia and the true healing power of Ka Huna movements.
First we start with a Ka Huna back massage and then the facial treatment begins.  We cleanse and exfoliate the skin,  then treat
you to a delicious face, décolleté, arm and hand massage, incorporating the flowing Ka Huna movements whilst you listen to
a mesmerising, masterful blend of exotic world music.   While you are enjoying a facial mask for your specific skin type, your feet
are exfoliated, massaged then wrapped in a rejuvenating aromatherapy foot masque which is enhanced with hydrating sea
​extracts then hot towelled off. This is truly a spiritual experience. 

Cost:   $130.00 - service time 1 and a 1/2 hours   


La Clinica marine glow facial
This stimulating, oxygenating treatment will rehydrate, soften and restore radiance to the complexion.  
With marine plant extracts, rose, elastin, collagen and plant extracts.
Cost:    $70.00 - service time 1 hour

Hot stone facial treatment
The ultimate in relaxation. Heated marble stones are used strategically on the face and neck.  A wonderful treatment for restoring
balance and harmony and to soothe the soul.

Cost:     $80.00 - service time 1 hour


The process of abrading the skin to enhance its appearance has been around at least since the times of the ancient Egyptians. 
Various acids, poultices of minerals and plants as well as irritants similar to sandpaper were used during this time, each with
its own various side-effects!

In the 1980s the Italians perfected the process of micro-dermabrasion. This technique effectively replaced the old-fashioned
method of dermabrasion that required a general anaesthetic.  It utilises the abrasive action of minute mineral crystals delivered
under pressure to the skin's surface.  At the same time the used crystals, along with the tissue debris, are vacuumed from
the skin's surface.

The treatment allows for absolute control of the abrasive process in a safe manner for nearly all skin conditions and types.  
The results are immediate and amazing!

Cost:     $90.00 - service time 1 hour
including a glycolic peel



Cost:    brow                     - $15.00
           lip                         - $10.00

           chin                      - $10.00
           underarms             - $15.00

           g string bikini         - $35.00
           brazillian                - $50.00
           lash and brow tint   - $15.00 each



Cost:    $75.00