• I LOVE the Youtube videos you put up--they are renewing, effective, with such minimal instruction--they truly bless me every time I do them! Your seated Yoga is my favorite out of all of my Yoga practice DVDs, because I can work out hard cardio and still get my Yoga in without overtraining. You have such a calm, professional, focused way about you--but your energy is what really draws me in. I am sure you have done a lot to get to where you are, and I thank you for sharing!. By Elaine 2014

  • I have just returned from a wonderful retreat held in Ubud Bali at The Shala Bali run by Shake Your Buddha, Trish is an amazing teacher; seven days of magical Yoga, amazing experiences, and opening of your heart and senses. Trish took us on journeys that I just loved. I think the one that was just so special was the Holy Water Temple, one to tick off on your Bucket List. So blessed to have shared this with my fellow yogis. X  By Bev  2014

  • Shake your Buddha will be the best thing you ever did for your self! Into my second year of learning with the delightful Trish, if you are seeking health, fulfilment or just great fun then get to it. I promise you will never look back.  By Ali 2014

  • Wonderful keeping us mobile in our "Forever Young " yoga class thanks Trish.   By Sandra  2014

  • I am into my Fourth week of going to Shake your Buddha yoga. I absolutely love it and feel at home there. Trish is an amazing Yoga instructor and she brings such an abundance of beautiful energy to each class. I love love love Shake your Buddha and if you are wanting to get in tune with your body and find hamony in your soul, then this is where you should go. Yoga is healing on so many levels.

Xx Hels ❤❤  2013

  • And if you are over 50 she has a Forever Young class on Tuesday morning at Beenleigh. This class is awesome also. Trish is a great teacher and a big thanks to Kylie who helps.  By Anne M  2013

  • I fell in love with yoga and all the wonderful effects that yoga has on you body, mind and as a result life. Thank you Trish, you are a truly amazing teacher, person and friend. If you haven't been to a Shake Your Buddha Yoga class you are missing out on life!!  By Emma S  2013

  • Just do it!!!!!!!!    2012 - By Juicy

If you have always wanted to go on a yoga retreat but not quite sure how you will go, this is the retreat for you. It suites any level of yoga skills from the very beginner to the advanced - we have so much fun and it gives the body, mind and soul some much needed and well deserved timeout. So looking forward to going back in October...........just love it!!!
5 stars out of 5

  • Do something for You!   2012 - By Lotus

As a fultime Mum, I rarely put myself first...like most Mums. Even though I am not a Yogini as such, this retreat grounded me again. I, for the first time in I don't know how long, remembered who I was...not just a wife or mummy.  Initially I missed my children, then when I started "being present"...I realised this is going to make me a better mum and wife. I am getting emotional just thinking about it.
You do not have to be experienced in Yoga or meditation, you just need to book and treat yourself to a journey back to your soul.
Trish is real...she is a business woman, a wife, a mother, a teacher and so much more to so many including myself.
Please take some YOU time. This retreat is so affordable and you feel like you could be in the hills of anywhere in the world. 
It is something you will not regret and the skills you rekindle will last a lifetime.
5 stars out of 5

  • Spiritually Uplifting   2012 - By jay

What a beautiful place for a retreat! Stunning mountain views from every angle, relaxing atmosphere,amazing yoga and meditation classes. Extremely delicious vegetarian food, Kahuna Massage to name a few. Made some wonderful new friends and highly recommend this retreat.
5 stars out of 5

  • Fuel for the soul   2012 - By Kelly

I too have had the pleasure and good fortune to experience this magnificent retreat. The location is perfect for completely unwinding and detaching ourselves from our busy, offen energy draining lifestyles to be able to emerse your whole being, to learn or expand yogic practices. Truly life changing for me and cannot wait to go again in the near future.
5 stars out of 5

  • Magnificence   2012 - By Kyeswim

I have been fortunate enough to attend this wonderful retreat twice, and I plan to attend again in the near future. It is difficult to single out one thing that makes it so special, the gorgeous setting high up in the hills, the amazing organic meals, and the wonderful yoga sessions are definite standouts. The expertise and knowledge, the compassion and energy that Trish and her staff share with us over the three days makes this a very special retreat and one not to be missed.