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'CORONA' What have you done?

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

CORONA, what have you done to this world, to me, to my friends?

You have destroyed my business, my livelihood how will you make amends?

I hear you whisper so contagiously as you spread your germ filled touch;

I have lost my life as I knew it, thanks so very fucking much!

This is only the beginning and already there’s so much anger and pain;

I hear you say as you snigger, “but we all have so much to gain!”

“To gain” I say back, “are you for bloody real?;

You have contaminated the world, have you considered how we all feel?”

So many jobs have been lost as I watch my lifesaving's slip away;

Each night I lay in bed thinking, tomorrow is another day!

What will this new day bring, more news of people dying?

Will this add to my fury as I spend another day in bed crying?

Being treated like a leper as I walked into a shop;

“Stand on the X mark please madam, don’t move past that chalked spot!”

“Are you serious?” I replied as I tried to reach the counter bench;

My mouth about to explode with expletives so I kept my jaw tightly clenched!

I paid the shop assistant as he loudly coughed in my direction;

I asked politely if he was OK which surely got his attention!

He said, “I’m fine, I am not sick. it is just a rotten cold”;

As he sprayed Glen 20 in the air as he processed the item that he’d sold.

I walked out shaking my head, feeling like this was all a dream;

But it was becoming a reality, it was more than it had seemed!

This shit is getting serious, there are people dying everywhere;

The media are out in force adding more momentum to the fear.

My mood was growing darker and there was nothing I could do;

I was angry, so bloody angry and then I saw YOU!

You dropped your cigarette butt right where you were standing;

I watched it fall to the floor, with its ember coloured landing.

Normally I would react, and ask nicely to please put it in the bin;

But, I knew that if I attempted I could perhaps commit a mortal sin!

I wanted to thump you, to show you how inconsiderate you had been;

Then my daughter said to me “Mum just pretend you hadn’t seen!”

And then the sun it starts to set and another day is ending;

And the world as we know it, all the messages it is sending.

“Perhaps some good will come of this” were the words my husband said;

As I looked at him with rage and wanted to punch him in the head!

“That’s not what I want to hear” as I poured a tonic and gin;

As he shook his head in disbelief with that annoying little grin.

“Where’s that Yogini woman that I know, why don’t you practice what you preach!”

I looked for something I could throw but there was nothing in my reach!

What is happening to this woman, the one that I so deeply know!

Where has she gone, I am worried, why is she feeling so bloody low!

Perhaps It’s because she’s feeling the greatest loss of all her life.

Does she forgets she is a mother, a friend, someone’s wife!

“It’s OK” I say to myself, let the feelings flood on through;

You are a caring soul, you know this, look at all that you do!

You are sincere, you are genuine, why pretend to be anything less;

It’s OK that you are suffering, it’s OK you feel a mess.”

I awaken yet again, to this nightmare that is real;

But I awaken slightly softer as I prepare my morning meal.

Something in me has shifted as I sip my steaming hot cup of tea;

And up jumps our dog 'Lily' as she sits upon my knee.

As I stare into her face and see her little tail a wagging;

I am ashamed of my behaviour and those wasted days of nagging.

I am alive, I am healthy, it has fallen into perspective;

The world is healing, it is resting, like it’s taking contraception!

It does need to stop, to refuel and to regrow;

I only wish lives were not lost in order for it to sow.

So I start this day anew, with a different look upon my face;

As I ask for God to help us all and this depleting Human Race.

But I also give thanks for the magic that this is bringing;

As I watch a handful of birds that are so beautifully singing.

This too, it shall pass, and we will all be ok;

So, my dear friends, enjoy this break, please don’t waste a single day!

Trishna Peacock

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