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Updated: Oct 6, 2018

I have just had a few days RnR with my cousins Michael and Lenny over on Nusa Lembongang (an Island off Bali) before I host my next retreat starting this Saturday here in beautiful Ubud, Bali.

I was on the back of the scooter with Michael about to head out for a snorkel together and in front of us on another scooter was a gorgeous young couple. Of course one could not help but notice how attractive, tanned and sexy they looked. She was wearing a one piece bather with a pair of tiny shorts over the top. She had long tanned slim legs, long blonde hair blowing in the wind and he was also just as attractive. Michael's comment to me was "Oh to be that young again. Wouldn't it be great?" And without even thinking about it, a confident "NO" left my lips lol. He looked a bit intrigued as he turned his head slightly, having to concentrate on the precious cargo he had behind him of course lol, and I continued on......... "Look at us now! Look at what we are doing. Age is just a number! We are still young at heart. We are still having adventures. We are healthy, confident, fit, active, happy and perhaps to some, still a little bit sexy too! We are educated and we have so much more knowledge than we did when we were in our 20's and 30's. We may carry around a few extra pounds and, of course, a few grey hairs and wrinkles, but we are wise and authentic! We have values, respect and gratitude."

Do yourself a favour and look around right now and see the beauty in your life in the present moment. Every year that passes brings us more wisdom, transformation and growth. Sure, we can look back and reminisce on our youth but we need to not deny ourselves the joys and adventures we are yet to have. Each passing year brings us even more wisdom and a newfound sense of freedom. These latter years are the best in my book. And hopefully there will be many, many more to come.

Love Trishna x

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Thank you my beautiful friend .... if you only knew what that meant to me right now 💞🙏 love and miss you xxx

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